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3d Rendering

3D Rendering can portray color hues, light intensity, light reflection and the play of shadows, which reflect interior or exterior lighting.
Exterior lighting takes natural lighting into account with variables such as window direction, seasons, diurnal variations and global latitude playing a role.
Interior lighting includes light from each fixture, the self-illumination of objects in the room and reflection of light within the room.

3d Walkthrough Animation

3D Architectural animation especially in the case of 3D Flythrough will include exterior features such as landscaping, trees, hedges, fences, and vehicles, roads and the neighborhood in general.With architectural 3D models set to the right proportion, scale , using real life textures, materials, color and finishes it sure is an unmatched service for the contractors builders , architects and interior designers to give a full visual detail of the construction plan and a true replica of what their designs would really look like when it is completed.
3d Product Modeling

Archimax Studio's 3D Product Design makes big impact with striking 3D product modeling and rendering technology support Designers, inventors of prototypes, medical and industrial companies, product based manufacturers can all benefit from accurate and detailed computer models and images created using techniques we have perfected over the years.
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